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Who are we?

What we do and how we help!

Sponsors and partners

In modern society, many people do not have social and financial protection. Orphans, elderly people and low-income families are the bulk of this list. They are in dire need of help from outside, and we direct our attention on them. We are very grateful to introduce the sponsors of our project - people who, cover the needs of many disadvantaged individuals.

Партнеры проекта Сострадание в действии

Our volunteers

More than 120 volunteers: : doctors, teachers, marketers, photographers, businessmen and many others…

CIA is open for cooperation. Anyone who wants to volunteer can join this project. Everybody has talents, abilities and capabilities, and any of your help is valuable to us. The key to success is desire to help others!

How can a volunteer help?

  • Fundraising

  • Promotion Coordinator

  • Video Promotion Coordinator

  • Photography

  • Video Producer

  • Blogger

  • Copywriter

  • Media Manager (Individual Account: Facebook / Twitter / WeChat / etc)

  • Project Coordinator (Individual Projects)

  • Quality Controller (Individual Projects)

  • Technician for Food / Clothes / Products (Individual Projects)

  • Helper / Labour (Individual Projects)

  • Accountant

  • Economist

  • Analyst (Marketing, Strategy, Fundraising, etc.)

In all sincerity, I say thank you. It’s really not easy to help people in need. Your contribution means a lot to the project, your help brings hope, warmth and love to the people. Thank you for the generosity and kindness of your hearts!

Svetlana Nussupova

Project Manager



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